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About Us

"Howard is Boseman, Wayans, Anderson, and Henson. Howard is a Hathaway and Flack love song. Howard is Debbie and Phylicia. Howard is Hurston, Morrison, and Coates. Howard is Dinkins, Young, and Wilder. Howard is Hughes, Jordan, and Baraka. Howard is E. Roberson and T. Lee. In fact, you just listened to Howard on the radio. Howard is hip hop, RNB, and Jazz. Howard is P Diddy. And he told you we won’t stop! Howard is on the front-lines with that fist in the air. Howard is standing next to you in line at the DMV, grocery store, or voting booth. Howard just pulled up to your car while stranded on I-75 or any other American thoroughfare. Howard is your doctor and dentist, lawyer and lobbyists, and preacher and teacher. Howard is the Divine 9. Howard is your parent, sibling, cousin, and not-so-distant relative. Howard is in every city, neighborhood, and block. An “HU!” has never been unresponsive. You know!? Howard is your Vice President. HOWARD IS EVERYWHERE."
Brett Allen
Class of '95